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Joining NINE
Last Updated 3 years ago

How will Nine benefit me/ why should I join?

Nine provides the ability to
- connect with alumni in-app, without needing to add them to your phone contacts
- search for alumni by name, batch, location and employer
- engage in real-time chat
- participate in a community-wide newsfeed

The unique benefits of Nine for alumni:
- No duplication of messages: Message re-posts across many WhatsApp groups today would no longer be necessary
o 'Open groups' (e.g. naukri, ) would be visible to all users and allow anyone to join or leave based on their need or interest
o Important info can be shared with all alumni as an announcement
- Real-time community wide announcements
o Announcements can be sent as push notifications. At any time it would be possible for every user to see how many alumni have read the announcement
- Real-time chat
o Group sizes not limited (membership up to 5000)
o Chat history will be available to any new member
o Profile details – full name, batch, location etc. will be available to view
- Community posts
o Apart from individual and group chat, a newsfeed will provide unique content for all alumni to view in the form of blogposts and albums
- Search
o Alumni search by name, employer, batch and location
- In the future
o Ability to create and share events, allowing for event specific discussion, registration for attendance and/or volunteer participation"

Who can join?

Any alumnus from qualifying men's campuses is welcome to join.

I studied in a Sathya Sai school run by regional centres/private citizens etc (not in Puttaparthi). Can I join?

At the moment, membership is limited to alumni of the qualifying institutions (see Who can join)

I studied in Primary School in Puttaparthi. Can I join?


I am a girl alumnus. Can I join?

At the moment, membership is limited to alumni of the qualifying institutions (see Who can join)

How can I join Nine?

Register and validate your id on the Sai Students portal at Download app from the app/play store and use your portal credentials to login

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